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The Plain White T's are an American rock band that formed in 1997 in Lombard, Illinois. The band was originally started by high school friends Tom Higgenson, Ken Fletcher, and Dave Tirio as a power trio, with Higgenson as the lead singer and guitarist, Fletcher on bass, and Tirio on drums.After their initial live debut playing local shows on the Chicago punk scene, the band soon graduated to playing larger rock clubs like the Metro in Chicago. As their fanbase grew, the band added Steve Mast to play lead guitar and provide backup vocals to give them a fuller live sound.


The Plain White T's released their debut album "Come On Over" in 2000, but it was their self-financed second album "Stop" in 2002 that got them their first record deal with Fearless Records. The band has since released six studio albums and six EPs, and are best known for their 2006 hit single "Hey There Delilah".Throughout their career, the Plain White T's have continued to evolve their sound while maintaining their signature pop-rock style.


They have built a loyal fanbase through their energetic live performances and relatable, catchy songwriting. The band remains an active and respected force in the alternative rock scene.

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